Pure Air North Carolina – Eliminate Indoor Air Pollution

Pure Air North Carolina is a supplier of natural, non-chemical air purifiers. Their motto is “No toxins, all natural.” They offer the best air purifier in the industry. Pure Air North Carolina has a full list of services. These include the removal of mold, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, vapors, fumes, odors, dust, pollen, smoke and airborne allergens. They offer all types of filters including, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting Filter), electrostatic filters and multi block filters.

Pure Air North Carolina

Pure Air North Carolina consistently ranks number 33 of nine hundred in household services category. The company’s overall rating is 4.0, which means that consumers are generally satisfied with the quality of their products. Recent customer reviews are as follows: “my family and I highly recommend this company to anyone with an allergy or health condition such as asthma.” “I highly recommend Pure Air North Carolina to everyone, regardless of your lifestyle, if you suffer from allergies, breathing difficulties, or simply have great air quality in your home.”

The Pure Air system uses a patented HEPA filtration system. This is achieved by using over five hundred individual HEPA filters in each individual room. In addition, the system also includes a complete line of low odor and smog-free air cleaners. The manufacturer, Pure Air, also offers a thirty day money back guarantee.

Pure Air offers two options for their air filtration system. The first is the Pure Air Carbonless Air Purifier which uses carbon-based filters. The second is the Pure Air Supersonic Ionizer. Both options use ion exchange technology, removing metallic particles and odors while still leaving in the healthy lung essential oxygen.

Pure Air’s ozone generator is also an interesting product. Ozone is naturally produced by the sun, it is a byproduct of the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. The ozone layer is usually broken down by UV rays. Ozone gas is irritant to many people including those suffering from airway irritation. Pure Air has a product called the Ozone Generator which will neutralize the ozone in your home.

Pure Air’s other product is the Ozone Aerial Flushing machine. This system flushes the ozone in your attic, ducts, and ceiling. You don’t have to worry about dangerous airborne chemicals anymore. The machine is easy to operate and set up and it works with any size home.

Many of the purifiers and ozone generators mentioned here can be found at your local hardware store. Some other companies sell them directly online. When purchasing a purifier or ozone generator, be sure to check out the return policy and customer service. You want to be sure that you are dealing with a company that will stand behind their product if something goes wrong.

Pure Air purifiers and ozone machines are affordable. They are very convenient to use and they will keep your home fresh. You don’t have to worry about breathing in harmful ozone when you go to work or play. Your family can enjoy all the benefits of having a clean home. They are available for your home, your business, or to use at schools, day cares, and other facilities where children are cared for.

The Pure Air system can easily be incorporated into your existing HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system. The system works great in apartments and condos where rooms can get hot during the day and stale at night. Pure Air purifiers and ozone generators eliminate indoor air pollution that causes many health problems.

The pure air system is especially great for older people. Ozone generators neutralize dangerous ultraviolet rays. When you go outside, your skin can become sunburned and you may develop severe skin rashes. The sun is a huge source of dangerous ultraviolet rays and prolonged exposure can lead to cancer. Pure Air reduces these risks.

Pure Air purifiers and ozone generators are easy to install. All you need are adhesive mounts for your purifiers and filters. The adhesive mounts make the units extremely easy to install. When you are ready to start purifying the air in your home, simply disconnect your ozone or pure air generator from its batteries. Then, disconnect the humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and other air cleaning equipment.

Now, reconnect the filters to their belts or ducts. Attach the belt clips to the system’s filter grids. Connect the filters to the air return and you are ready to begin purifying the air in your home. Once your system is up and running you will immediately notice the difference in the quality of the air in your home.