What Is A Caps Certification?

caps certification

Caps Certification is the National Association of Home Builders (NASB) qualification that allows contractors to work on homes. The caps certification qualification is important because it means that your contractor has the proper training and ability to complete home modifications. With the caps certification, homeowners who need help with their home modifications can contact the contractor for assistance. If you are a home owner who needs assistance with making your home safer, remodeling it, and/or making it more marketable in today’s real estate market, contact a professional contractor for help.

There are many individuals who need help with aging-in-place modifications or other home modifications. In fact, according to the NASB, a recent survey showed that nearly 40% of the American population uses a professional contractor for these types of services. For example, the national association of homebuilders estimates that there are approximately 20 million Americans between the ages of eighteen and seventy years old who live in or near their communities who are interested in becoming a senior-in-place specialist.

The aging process can be exhausting and frustrating. Therefore, when the time comes to remodel or make minor home modifications, it is best to work with a certified aging-in-place specialist. One example of a great specialist to work with would be a remodeler who has experience in working with seniors. A certified aging-in-place specialist can offer the following services to seniors: assist with safety and security; assist with bathroom and kitchen accessibility; teach them how to safely perform household tasks; teach them how to perform simple tasks such as laundry; and instruct them about how to use electronic or manual devices. Additionally, a remodeler who has the caps certification will also be able to teach seniors how to do tasks that may be boring and repetitive, such as using a clothes dryer or a washer and dryer.

Another great way to contact a remodeler who is also certified with caps certification is by word of mouth. Friends or other families members may know of someone in your area who is willing to do home modifications or other projects that require the use of safety and other aids. If not, you can also look for a certified aging-in-place specialist by checking the phone book or searching on the Internet.

Not all remodeling projects require the use of training and aids, however. In some cases, it may just be a matter of hiring a remodeler who happens to be experienced with using the proper safety equipment, such as backboards, stepping boards, and non-slip flooring materials. One example of this would be carpet padding. Carpet padding, which is also commonly referred to as slip resistance or cushioning, is usually required in homes that have wooden floors. This is one of the services that a certified aging in place specialist will be able to offer.

Of course, there are other types of jobs that aging in place specialists can do. Some of these jobs include bathroom remodels, kitchen renovation, basement remodeling, and others. While the industry is fairly stable, there is always the risk that a business management career could become overcrowded. Businesses that cater to these individuals may wish to hire a certified aging in place specialist, as well. As the need for these professionals grows, so will the number of people who are certified. When looking for the right business management individuals to hire, make sure to ask if they are certified with a caps certification.

For anyone who is interested in this growing area of business management, there are actually three courses that are recommended for interested people. The National Association of Building Professionals offers a course called Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) Training. There are also seven national accrediting bodies that offer this training, including the American Planning Association, the Service Corp of Retired Executives, and the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association. Each of these organizations requires about three courses, which take about a year to complete. To get the proper training, it is highly recommended that prospective business management candidates take at least one of these three courses.

Before becoming a certified aging in place specialist, business managers and home remodeling experts should participate in an accredited training program. Afterward, they can go through the three courses that are offered by these associations. They will have to successfully complete the training and then take a qualifying exam before they can be certified. Once they are certified, they can begin working on their jobs.