What is AirBNB? Is It Different From AirBnB?

AirBNB, an online marketplace for air leases, is a service that allows users to rent a safe and secure aircraft for a variety of different reasons. The benefits of AirBNB are wide-ranging and the company is constantly adding new features and benefits to the site. AirBNB, a division of Homeaway, Inc., operates as an affiliate of Travelocity, an international travel agency. AirBNB was launched in the summer of 2020. AirBNB, like Travelocity and other online travel booking services, works with major airlines and hotels to provide customers with the most complete and affordable airfare information available.


AirBNB provides its users with a number of tools that make the booking process easy and convenient. AirBNB hosts and maintains an online marketplace, available to visitors on its site or through an app, that allows customers to search for available flights and hotels. Users are also able to cancel their reservation within a certain time period without paying a cancellation charge.

AirBNB uses an open check-in process similar to the Airline E-Commerce solution at Airline Easy. Hosts can set their own pick-up and delivery date and can schedule their deliveries to be made on the same or different dates as their AirBNB appointments. Using the same check-in procedure, guests can also change their minds and rebook their AirBNB reservations. However, AirBNB does require its customers to provide complete and accurate information at the time of check-in. Hosts and/or guests may be required to pay a service fee for each change of booking.

Unlike AirBNB, hosts and guests of AirBNB do not have access to an online booking calendar. However, they do have the flexibility to use the AirBNB calendar to plan their trips and events. If a potential client cannot find a flight or hotel room on the AirBNB website, hosts and guests can still view available itineraries through the AirBNB calendar. For potential clients who may not be able to find a direct flight or hotel room on their own, hosts and guests can rely on the self-serve booking options that AirBNB provides. Hosts and guests can check in for free and make up the price difference if it turns out that they do need to travel somewhere.

While many people assume that AirBNB operates only in major metropolitan areas, it has recently expanded into many other cities, including London and New York. However, because of this expansion, more local individuals and establishments can take advantage of AirBNB. This is good news for busy working professionals who want to have a place to stay when they travel to these cities. In fact, there are even some AirBNB hosts and guests who are making money by living in other countries entirely and renting rooms and homes.

Unfortunately, many hosts and guests are unaware of the AirBNB rental process. In fact, some people are hesitant to use the service simply because they do not understand what it is all about. It is therefore understandable why someone would be skeptical when it comes to signing up and purchasing AirBNB spaces. That said, all that the individual needs to do is look at the simple process that AirBNB provides. For example, hosts and guests will need to purchase a months-to-date AirBNB membership. Once a person signs up and pays the required fee, they will instantly be able to book any available space in a participating hotel, inn, or B&B.