An Overview of Expressions of the Home

Get rewards for being a loyal customer and for purchasing Expressions of the Home products with us? Want to earn points at Expressions of the Home and other companies in Troy? Ask them for special Fives! Get the inside scoop on how to get special Fives by becoming a member of Expressions of the Home.

Purchase Expressions of the Home product, get Fives, and you get points. Fives are special rewards the recipient can use at designated locations within the USA. Each recipient is also invited to become a sponsor. At the end of the program, everyone who has earned five Fives will receive a free vacation to one of America’s premier vacation destinations. The gift cards can be used at the time of purchase or redeem online.

Not only is it rewarding to Earn Fives, it is also great fun! Expressions of the Home provides its customers with opportunities to meet other customers and share ideas. It does not matter if the customer chooses to just participate in the program or become a sponsor. Everybody wins with Expressions of the Home.

Expressions of the Home also offers customers special programs to help those customers who become sponsors. Customers who sponsor others receive gifts, invitations and more. So the ultimate way to receive a free vacation is to sponsor a customer through Expressions of the Home. Sponsoring makes it easy to participate and enjoy.

When the customer purchases a product from Expressions of the Home, he or she earn 1 reward point. That person can earn additional reward points if they purchase other items, qualify for special offers or participate in contests. Rewards are good for cash or can be applied towards a credit card or savings account. The amount of reward received depends on the total number of reward points earned.

Through Expressions of the Home, you can find many fun and rewarding programs. Expressions of the Home programs offer products that you would not find at your local department store, plus special offers that make it easy to take part in this exciting program. You can choose from several exciting packages including, trips, gifts for friends and family, and more.

To be eligible for the various promotions, you must sign up online. Once registered, you can expect to receive many free gifts and prizes. You will also have the opportunity to purchase great products at discounts. The more you promote the home business, the more you will see how your business can benefit others.

There is no charge to promote Expressions of the Home. However, some companies may ask you to pay a small charge to get advertising in the newsletter. You do not have to pay anything if you just want to read the information in the newsletter. However, if you want to get more products or qualify for contests, you may pay a nominal fee. If you like what you see, become a member today and receive great deals and promotions.