Global News Wire Provides Focus On Obesity-Related Topics

Wafaa el Sadr, MD, MPH, global director of ICAP, has been featured in an extensive Nov 30th article by Global News Wire that heralded the release of a new study by ICAP estimating the economic impact of obesity on Americans. The article reported that Wafaa and colleagues estimate that approximately $1.9 trillion is spent annually on healthcare costs caused by obesity. This figure is likely to rise as more people become heavier. It was also noted that Global News Wire has been instrumental in helping obese people and organizations change their behaviors.

The article notes that obesity is a silent killer. The decline in life expectancy of middle-aged and older people in the U.S., particularly in urban areas is largely attributable to increases in body mass. A number of studies have found that obesity leads to chronic conditions, such as diabetes, and it also contributes to the increased incidence of cancer and heart disease. More people are being diagnosed with some form of diabetes every year according to the Associated Press.

Wafaa notes in the article that obesity-related news has become an internet sensation in recent months. He attributes this to “the increasing level of convenience for virtually everything we need, from food to gas.” He says one reason the world has become so concerned about weight is because of the high cost of treating obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Other medical issues linked to obesity include stress and sleep disorders. One obesity-related problem that has been under research is related to depression.

A number of organizations have joined together to address some of these issues, joining with health insurance companies, the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, the American Nurses Association, and others to provide information on how to prevent obesity. Global News Wire notes in their report that there are now more than two million Americans with diabetes. The cost of treating these patients exceeds $70 billion a year. There has been much interest in the medical field relating to obesity and many new treatments are being tested.

Many obesity-related diseases can be controlled or even eliminated through diet and exercise, but the biggest prevention method of all is through simply watching what we consume. People should always be educated about nutrition and exercise. Global News Wire notes that the Chinese have long realized the benefits of healthy eating, and their culture seems to reflect this. In China, they often see people walking with large baskets of fruits and vegetables, walking alone at night, and generally enjoying a full meal. The Chinese know what it takes to lose weight, and they use this knowledge every day to promote a healthy lifestyle through education.

Global News Wire takes a close look at the obesity-related issues in the United States and around the world. They provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on current events, as well as archived news and data that has previously been published. This site keeps readers informed about issues surrounding obesity and helps them make informed choices. This is an essential service to those seeking to better understand nutrition and the risks associated with it.